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ASAP takes Action on Women's & Girls' Health
ASAP takes Action on Women's & Girls' Health
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    Since 2001, the ASAP Zimbabwe team has been implementing the Savings Groups (SG) project, a micro-finance project (previously known as Village Savings and Lending). During more than a decade of economic decline in Zimbabwe, ASAP helped thousand of families survive and thrive in eastern Zimbabwe through SG, working in partnership with CARE, Catholic Relief Services, Kindernothhilf (KNH), Plan International and Concern World Wide, ASAP helped thousand of families survive and thrive in eastern Zimbabwe.

    Today, in Manicaland Province - eastern Zimbabwe, ASAP in partnership with Action on Women and Girls' Health (AOWGH) are working on a project that seeks to ensure all girls in the project area use safe and comfortable sanitary during their period. The ability to manage one’s menstrual health with adequate knowledge, safety, and dignity and without stigma is an essential human right. While many have faced challenges to achieve this right, the present economic situation in Zimbabwe makes this really hard significantly increasing the numbers of women affected. Consequently, there are now many girls and women in low-resource settings that are not well prepared when menstruation begins. They lack access to information, products, and infrastructure needed to comfortably manage menstruation. Girls’ and women’s health, well-being, and rights are thus compromised when they must isolate themselves from their families; avoid work, community activities, or school; and face risks to their physical safety because of their basic biology. Documented studies show that adolescent girls are especially vulnerable to negative outcomes related to menstruation, including effects on their overall self-esteem and confidence. There can be no doubt that women’s menstural health is a leading issue and it touches each and everyone of us.

    In 2013 ASAP entered into a partnership with HIVOS, a Dutch development agency. “People Unlimited” is HIVOs’ motto, supporting social change and rural innovations throughout Africa. Currently in the planning stage, the partnership with ASAP aims to improve service delivery and monitoring in the greater Mutare region of Eastern Zimbabwe.

    ASAP’s expertise and experience in providing SG training continues to help thousands of families generate income in the informal sector each year. First, through a partnership with Plan International, which has been ongoing since 2008, and in 2013, working together with - one of the largest Christian Organizations in Europe for children’s aid.

    Regai Tsunga, Country Director, welcomes your interest
    Regai Tsunga, Country Director, welcomes your interest

    Under the leadership of Country Director Regai Tsunga, ASAP continues to work to empower marginalized communities. Please click here to read an interview with Mr. Tsunga. His team of dedicated professionals continue to work to alleviate poverty, improve agriculture for food security and education.

    According to Regai, "We envision a Zimbabwe without poverty and our mission is to cultivate self-reliance. To this end, we work to assist disadvantaged communities in their efforts to improve their own lives. Although the recent dollarization of the economy has eased transactions, access to foreign exchange precludes many from benefiting from the new availability of goods and this underlines the need for intensified ASAP programming."

    ASAP Zimbabwe is an independent Private Voluntary Organization registered with the Ministry of Social Welfare. Regai welcomes your interest in their program.

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    Regai Tsunga, Country Director; regait@asap.co.zw